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About The Underworld (japanese-1.0)


This map (I did not make the actual map images) was done by 2called-chaos. If you would like to contact me you can choose one of the contact options at the end of this page. If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them.


I needed some orientation and I wanted to make a cursed% run on the GBA version on which you can get stuck very easily (underground, etc.). I then took one of the dungeon world PNGs, put it into Photoshop and started markering bad areas, bossrooms, etc. but my computer couldn't handle that really good so I decided to make a more sophisticated approach.


I put the big PNG (8.224 x 8.224) into Photoshop one more time and sliced it into 256 tiles (16 x 16). I defined each of these tiles as room even though this isn't really true.

Each room consists of 4 subtiles which matches most room designs (the actual rooms) and each subtile has a bunch of attributes whereas most of them affect the color of the colorization layer.

The rest is more or less just CSS and Javascript. If anybody is interested I can upload the source on Github but it's nothing really fancy (in fact it's pretty dirty). This map is utilizing Ruby on Rails, SCSS and CoffeeScript as well as Sketch.js and Intro.js.


Please note that my taggings and comments are based on the JSEG method (Jump & Save Exploration Glitch). If you use other methods to enter EG you might encounter different behaviour.